Oil Is Now Cheaper Than Gasoline

The National News World Report said that oil may continue to drop in price to record lows. Sources say it may not stop falling, making it cheaper to fill a car with gas than to purchase a container of windshield wiper fluid.


Indeed, a gallon of gas in Omaha, Nebraska is now a dollar cheaper than a gallon of windshield spray. Some motorists have been left wondering whether to just use gasoline for everything.

The American Society of Statistics, however, recommends not filling your windshield wiper fluid tank with gasoline. Although the risk of fire is small, it will be really messy should one actually need to clean the glass after a storm or it gets really dusty.

In fact, it’s possible to buy the oil for less than buying the barrel, some reports have said. Oil now costs $28 per barrel, as of the latest reports. One could still get a few beers for that, but for a big barrel full of oil, that’s not bad.

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Daniel Simmons