Europe Snapshot: Don’t Miss this Data!

Today will see the EU release key economic data which has the potential to move major indexes and affect the euro.

Keep your eyes peeled, as trading opportunities may present themselves as these pieces of data come out:

EA Economic Sentiment – German sentiment was down earlier in the week, and analysts expect data today to remain unchanged. Economic sentiment is due to hover around the 106.4 mark, according to analysts expectations. Keep your eyes on the EuroStoxx and DAX as the sentiment number comes out.

Consumer Confidence – EA consumer confidence will be released at the same time as the economic sentiment number. This number holds the key to how shoppers are feeling, and you usually see a pop in the markets if consumers are feeling flush. Analysts expect the number to come in at -6.3.

Business Confidence – Shortly after the consumer confidence data we’ll hear from Europe’s top executives as they let us in on how confident they are about the European economy. Analysts put the number at 0.39, slightly down on the previous 0.41.

Industrial Sentiment – Another glimpse into the EA economy, industrial sentiment will come out at roughly the same time as the others. Analysts place the number at -2.4, down further on the previous -2 drop.

You’ll certainly see some movement as these numbers come out and the impacts will likely be felt in tomorrow’s trade since they come out later in the evening. Keep your eyes open and look for opportunities as sentiment has the power to move markets in either direction.

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Daniel Simmons