Europe – Unemployment Numbers Will Move Markets Today

Today will see several major European economies and the EU as a whole release unemployment data with the potential to move markets.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to buy and sell as the following data comes out throughout today. Unemployment data is a major market mover, and if it comes out either way above or below expectations, there will be opportunities for traders.

Spain – Unemployment change will first come out in Spain, with analysts estimates putting the number at an extra 71.2k unemployed persons in January. This is a high number and there’s a good chance this number will come in a bit better than expected. Be on the lookout for the IBEX to move slightly upwards if it does, but equally watch for it to dive if the number of jobs lost is worse than expected.

Germany – Next up is Germany, which will release it’s unemployment rate and unemployment change numbers after the Spanish data. The rate is expected to remain flat at 6.3%, which is probably about right. The unemployment change number is expected to come in at -7k, as opposed to the previous -13k. Keep your eyes on the DAX as this number comes out.

Italy – The Italian data comes out 15 minutes after the German data, with the unemployment rate expected to fall by a tiny margin. The previous number was 11.3%, with analysts expecting that this month’s number will come in at 11.2%.

EA – Finally, the overall unemployment rate for the EA will come out in the afternoon. It’s expected to stay at 10.5%. If it misses or exceeds expectations, keeps your eyes fixed on the Eurostoxx and regional markets.

Other countries which will release unemployment data today are Belgium, Ireland and Cyprus.

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Daniel Simmons