Optician Jailed After Failing on 3% Google Tax Claim

Google Alphabet

A UK optician was jailed for 4 years on tax fraud charges yesterday following a lengthy court battle with the HMRC. Norris Smith of  Stockport was found guilty of tax avoidance after paying only 3% tax on its profits for the last 8 years. Mr Smith’s lawyers argued that Goggle, situated above a Chinese take-away in the centre of Stockport, was only one letter different to Google and therefore should pay the same 3% Google tax.

Whilst the 3%  Google tax  was being defended in the House of Commons, Goggle’s claim was being thrown out of a Stockport courthouse. Mr Norris who has 12 previous convictions for tax evasion, drug trafficking, armed robbery and money laundering, is listed as the sole owner of Goggle, despite having no formal qualifications in optometry. This has not prevented the small shop recording an annual turnover of  approximately £3 million pound for the last eight years.

HMRC threw out his claim of parity with Goggle. Judge Mental ruled that only large corporations can get away with paying only 3% tax. Investigations have now begun into the tax status of Gaggle, the Goose Farm also owned by Mr Norris.

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Daniel Simmons