Roads Empty After Latest Car Recall

Funny children are playing together. Lying on the floor.It was an unusual sight and something not witnessed since the early 1900’s. New York’s roads were empty. No screeching of tyres, no noisy horns; only the muffled sound of New Yorkers walking to and from work. Yes, that’s right, I said walking.

The latest car recall by Volvo, which saw 59,000 Volvo’s recalled by the Swedish carmaker in over 40 countries now means there are, with the exception of a few 1980’s Sedans, NO cars left deemed roadworthy in the US.

The recall by Volvo comes after a software fault was discovered and follows a long line of recent recalls which has basically left 18 cars deemed roadworthy in the State of New York. Just last week GM recalled 200,000 cars over Airbag trouble, which followed Daimler recalling 840,000 cars over similar airbag issues. This was also the same week that Japanese car giant Toyota recalled an incredible 2.9 million RAV4’s over seatbelt issues.

The lack of roadworthy cars left has meant that that a 1986 1.0 Yugo is now worth $60k on the open market as drivers in the US are left stranded or even worse, forced to walk or get public transport

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Daniel Simmons