Car Industry Going Bonkers

Car-Industry-720x399At Fiat, an official falsely reported sales to give an official a large sum of money. Indications are he was using it to fund a trip to Disney World. The official was seen driving a Toyota rental, according to anonymous sources.

Police raided the Renault factory to check equipment to be sure the emissions test systems weren’t rigged. Instead, they found a handful of machines rigged to make popcorn instead.

A Volkswagen emissions scandal is occurring on a large scale, one source said. Cars are being fit with devices that know the car is being tested, so changes performance so it gets better results. The same technology was developed by a Harvard graduate and admitted under Oath of Embellishment that a similar device was used on 20% of tests graded last year.

The auto industry has gone bonkers, an anonymous auto industry executive said.

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Daniel Simmons