Google Ideas Becomes Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Jigsaw

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s web and policy think tank, Google Ideas, will now be known as Jigsaw. Executive chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed the changes and reiterated the tech incubator will now focus on developing tech solutions for geopolitical problems and attacks.

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Why Jigsaw

Alphabet Inc initially named the project Jigsaw to illustrate that the world is a complex puzzle filled with physical and digital challenges. Schmidt says the name underscores the company’s belief in the use of collaborative problem-solving techniques to yield solutions.  The renaming is all part of Alphabet Inc’s effort of re-branding the unit rather than changing its areas of focus. Its notable project to date include Project Shield that has helped clamp down on denial of service attacks to some sites in some countries. Google Ideas has also worked on Digital Map that tracks cyber-attacks across the globe.

Jigsaw’s Long Term Play

Operating as a technology incubator, Jigsaw is to focus on building technology for expanding access to information. It also plans to come up with solutions for defending the world’s population from challenging security threats. Coming up with new ways for combating big issues such as police brutality, human trafficking and money laundering is also top of the agenda for the Alphabet Inc unit.

Jigsaw will continue to work on projects started under Google Ideas while also looking for other tech solutions for other emerging problems. It will also continue to work with other partners such as Gene Next Foundation and Strategic dialogue to realize its mission. Jared Cohen, a former US State Department policy planner, will lead the New York based group.

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Daniel Simmons