Former Model Christina Estrada Wins £53.5 Million in Cash in Divorce, £75 Million in Total

Christina Estrada made history when her divorce settlement reached £75 million in total. The settlement was granted on July 8 and is the largest “needs award” granted by an English court in history.

Gold wedding ring on top of form also. Done on white background.

The former Pirelli married Saudi businessman Walid Jufalli in 2001.

The couple stayed together for 12 years, and have one daughter together. Estrada and Jufalli’s marriage hit rocky waters when he married a young television presenter from Lebanon. The marriage is legal under Islamic law and allows the businessman to marry up to four wives.

Jufalli never told his wife about the marriage, and he tried to conceal the marriage from Estrada.

The wedding took place in Venice, with famous rapper Akon performing and a guest list of hundreds of people. Estrada was outraged about the marriage, but she reconciled with Jufalli before he sent her divorce papers.

Estrada alleges that Jufalli became a St. Lucia diplomat in an attempt to gain diplomatic immunity. Diplomatic immunity would allow Jufalli to avoid testifying in his divorce case. The move was an attempt to prevent her from getting a settlement.

Original demands from Estrada asked for £196.5 million in a divorce settlement.

The final figure comes out to less than half of the original demand. Estrada was granted £53.5 million in cash, which will be delivered within three weeks’ time, and assets worth approximately £22 million.

Jufalli has also been ordered to hand over a £140,000 Lamborghini to Estrada within a fortnight.

The unusually high settlement was granted on the basis of Estrada living an extraordinary and exorbitant life while married to Jufalli. Estrada’s husband is a Saudi billionaire with mansions all around the world. He is also known for throwing extravagant parties and renting entire hotels for guests. Estrada claims Jufalli once spent over $1 million on fireworks alone for her birthday party.

“High demands for needs are often inflated in an attempt to get a higher settlement,” claims divorce attorney Brad Micklin.

Estrada’s demands were high, and the former model acknowledged that fact when she stated that she fully understood how her lifestyle was perceived to the wider world. The model’s needs, according to her demands, are:

  • £4,000 for sunglasses
  • £39,000 for watches
  • £40,000 for fur coats
  • £46,000 for tickets to Wimbledon and Ascot
  • £83,000 for cocktail dresses
  • £116,000 for handbags
  • £600,000 for private jets
  • £1 million for clothes

The demands exceeded £6.5 million per year, and this does not include a home in London, three cars in London, two homes in the United States and an additional home in Henley-on Thames.

“My focus now is to support my daughter and move forward with our lives,” stated the former model. “I hope we can now resolve matters sensibly,” she continued.

The courts granted Estrada £2.5 million per year in support, with £500,000 granted for clothes alone.

Jufalli is receiving treatment for terminal cancer in Zurich. Following the decision, his lawyer stated, “You have to give him months to pay. It’s going to take him months and months to raise this kind of money.”

The court granted the billionaire until 4pm on July 29 to raise the money from the settlement.

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Daniel Simmons