3 Reasons Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.is Up 86% on the Year

Advanced Energy (AEIS) is trading at $43.72 a share on Monday morning, up 86% on the year. The company’s stock traded at $23.47 on August 24, 2015. Advanced Energy’s rally over the past 12-month period has been impressive, with the company surpassing analyst estimates and recently revising their third-quarter guidance upward.

The company is on a roll, and the figures look impressive going forward.

1.     Q3 Earnings Guidance Revision

Advanced Energy upgraded their guidance at the start of August. The company’s guidance for their third-quarter for earnings per share is between $0.70 – $0.80. Thomas Reuters has the company’s EPS at $0.62 for the same period, with consensus estimates of $110.46 million in revenue on the quarter.

The company’s revised revenue guidance is $116 – $126 million.

2.     Last Quarter Earnings Beat Expectations

The company released their last quarter earnings report on August 1, beating expectations. The company posted an EPS of $0.68, surpassing Zacks’ consensus of $0.67 EPS. In comparison, the company posted an EPS of $0.43 for the same quarter a year prior.

Revenue on the quarter reached $118.80 million, surpassing expectations of $111.52 million in revenue.

Compared to the same quarter a year prior, revenue rose 9.3%. The healthy rise in revenue and boost in EPS has continued all year long, allowing the stock to rise quarter after quarter.

3.     21.74% Growth in the Last 90-Day Period

The company’s shares are up 21.74% in the last 90-day period, with a major uptick since the beginning week of July. Over the last 30-day period, the company’s stock is up nearly 10%, with the highest jump coming in the last week of trading.

The company’s stock has risen over 5% since last Tuesday, but no major news factors have been related to the short rally.

The company develops control and power technologies for semiconductors.

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Daniel Simmons